NCI Issues New Updated Resource to Support Evidence of New HCBS Requirements

Topics: Announcements, Data and Outcomes, HCBS, NCI,

"CMS quality management expectations for the operation of HCBS continue to evolve.  CMS issued HCBS requirements that went into effect in March 2014; these included requirements for HCBS settings and person-centered service planning. In addition, CMS revised the HCBS Quality Assurances and Sub-Assurances, which also became operative in March 2014. This updated version of the  NCI Performance Indicators: Evidence for the New HCBS Requirements and Revised HCBS Assurances includes new NCI survey questions (added for the 2015-16 Survey Cycle) that align with the CMS changes as well as the addition of NCI survey question numbers and question text. The tool is best used for assessing compliance at a systems level."