What Readers Are Saying

"Essential, informative, timely, well-written, visually appealing, and factual are descriptors that come to mind when I think about the Community Services Reporter and Perspectives newsletters. Simply stated, they are ‘must read’ publications for disability professionals."

M. Doreen Croser
Former Executive Director
American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD)

"Community Services Reporter and Perspectives are required reading for me. I learn something new about trends in developmental disabilities in the states every time I read them-and I never miss an issue. They are timely and well-written. I recommend them for professionals working in all facets of our complex and rapidly growing field, and for students and parents who seek guidance in gaining a deeper understanding of current trends and issues in public policy matters."

David Braddock, Ph.D.
Professor and Director, Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities
Associate Vice President, University of Colorado System

"I read CSR and Perspectives as soon as they arrive in my inbox. I get information and analysis from them that is well done, timely, and not always available elsewhere. I highly recommend them."

Steve Eidelman
Co-Director, National Leadership Consortium
H. Rodney Sharp Professor of Human Services Policy and Leadership
University of Delaware

"There is simply no better, up-to-date, authoritative and easy to digest summary of state activities, the outcomes of state activities, and the national policies that affect state activities than the Community Services Reporter. It is one of the few publications that I read cover-to-cover every month on the day it arrives."

K. Charlie Lakin
Former Center and Project Director
Research and Training Center on Community Living University of Minnesota

"Those involved in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities are constantly looking for ways to improve the life chances of the people they serve. Therefore knowledge of best practices, innovations, and policy breakthroughs from around the country are readily adopted, adapted, and applied to immediate state and local circumstances. The Community Services Reporter is an important vehicle for transmitting up-to-date information about service enhancements to those with the ability to apply the information — public managers, providers, advocates, and consultants. As someone who spends time providing consultation to ID/DD agencies around the country, the information I get from the Community Services Reporter is invaluable."

Valerie J. Bradley
Human Services Research Institute (HSRI)